Aaron and Shirley

Aaron and Shirley

Pie makes you happy

Aaron's Gift is a pie company in the Washington Metropolitan area. Both Aaron and Shirley are from families that are great at hospitality. Aaron's Mom was a pastor, and his Dad a cook. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people sat at their table for a delicious meal over the years. Shirley's family also, always welcomed people to their home with an offering of good food.

As a young man, Aaron began experimenting at making sweet potato pie. He loves to sing and he would sing while making pies. He believes that he found his gift from God during those times of experimenting. Aaron shared his sweet potato pies with family, friends, and co-workers. After awhile he found there was a demand and expectation for his pies during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Many years later, Aaron and Shirley decided to take the big step and start up Aaron's Gift as a business. Their children had already come up with the name of the company. Aaron and Shirley's eight children, including spouses readily help with their business.

Since 2013, Aaron and Shirley have opened their pop up store at farmer's markets, craft shows, fairs and festivals in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

People say Aaron's Gift pies are so delicious. It is in part because of the joy and passion Aaron and Shirley have in making pies and sharing with others.

Aaron's Gift menu lists 14 delicious pie flavors including the signature sweet potato pie. Aaron and Shirley are committed to making quality, fresh, delicious pies with the best ingredients. You are invited to taste Aaron's Gift pies and see for yourself.